Replacement Hydraulic Strainer Filter
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Liquid Filter Specifications:

1. 304 Mesh Stainless Steel Fold Media 10. But it can be used using 316L stainless steel with wire mesh media (20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 250 , 300, 400) according to the density required.

2. Fiberglass Oil Paper Media

3. Close Stainless Steel 201. But it can be replaced by using 316L Stainless Steel, Alumunun, Galvanized or Polymer

4. The inside and outside of the filter use a stainless steel core and casing 201 hole diameter 3mm thick 1mm (however for the hole diameter and plate thickness can be changed to your liking)

5. Filter Size: Outer Diameter (OD) 100 x Inner Diameter (ID) Drat 1 inch x Height (T) 250 MM


Technical specifications :

1. Outlet Thread Size 1-1 / 8 ". But it can be changed to NPT or SPT Drat with connections 1 ", ½", 1/4 ", 2", 3 "according to your needs

2. Max 150 psi pressure. Can be improved according to previous usage standards

3. Applications for Fuel Storage Tanks, Portable Fuel Pump Tanks

4. Flow rate of 5 - 80 gpm

5. Filtration Direction: From the outside in but we can also produce blood on the contrary, from inside out

6. Efficiency Beta 2: 90 microns. Micron size can be adjusted to your request

7. Collapse Rating 145 psid

8. Paking: Nitrile but can be changed to Silicon, Neoprene, PTFE, Viton

9. Design: Standard and Customized as needed

10. Element Size: Standard and Customized

11. Pressure: Up to 15 Bars and More on Request

12. Working Temperature 10-100 degrees Celsius

13. Pore size: 0.22-80 um

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