Replacement Filter Oli Element Media Pleated Merk DF FILTER

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Filter Oli

Spesifikasi Replacement Filter Oli Element Media Pleated Merk DF FILTER

Filter Oli Strainer Product Description:


We offer Filter Strainer that is perfectly designed to meet the needs of a
variety of industrial applications. Filter media that we use, are generally
used to protect pumps, valves, and similar equipment. This Filter Strainer
effectively removes dirt or foreign particles in the form of grams or solid
objects, water and gas contained in the flow of your engine pipe so that the
flow to be processed or the results of better quality process.

We can produce Type Strainer with types:

• Simplex (Basket type), Duplex, Y type Strainer, T type, Cone, Suction
Strainer and also Basket type


Filter Specifications:

1. 304 Mesh Stainless Steel Fold Media 10. But it can be used using 316L
stainless steel with wire mesh media (20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 120,
140, 160, 180, 200, 250 , 300, 400) according to the density required.

2. Fiberglass Oil Paper Media

3. Close Stainless Steel 201. But it can be replaced by using 316L Stainless
Steel, Alumunun, Galvanized or Polymer

4. The inside and outside of the filter use a stainless steel core and casing
201 hole diameter 3mm thick 1mm (however for the hole diameter and plate
thickness can be changed to your liking)

5. Filter Size: Outer Diameter (OD) 100 x Inner Diameter (ID) Drat 1 inch x
Height (T) 250 MM


Technical specifications :

1. Outlet Thread Size 1-1 / 8 ". But it can be changed to NPT or SPT Drat
with connections 1 ", ½", 1/4 ", 2", 3 "according to
your needs

2. Max 150 psi pressure. Can be improved according to previous usage standards

3. Applications for Fuel Storage Tanks, Portable Fuel Pump Tanks

4. Flow rate of 5 - 80 gpm

5. Filtration Direction: From the outside in but we can also produce blood on the
contrary, from inside out

6. Efficiency Beta 2: 90 microns. Micron size can be adjusted to your request

7. Collapse Rating 145 psid

8. Paking: Nitrile but can be changed to Silicon, Neoprene, PTFE, Viton

9. Design: Standard and Customized as needed

10. Element Size: Standard and Customized

11. Pressure: Up to 15 Bars and More on Request

12. Working Temperature 10-100 degrees Celsius

13. Pore size: 0.22-80 um


Product Features:

• Resistant to corrosion or rust

• Good performance

• Perfect end result

• High durability

• Strong filter shape construction

• Efficient performance

• Minimum maintenance

Product applications are used for:

1. Lube Oil Compressor

2. Hydraulic System

3. Industrial Gas, Oil and Chemical

4. Industrial Iron and Steel

5. Food and Beverage Factory

6. Textile Industry

7. Off-line Filter Loops

8. Machine Tools (Automotive Standard)

9. Hydrostatic Drive Charge Pumps

10. Mobile Equipment

11. Pilot Lines For Servo Controls

12. Oil Patch Drilling Equipment

13. Injection Molding

14. Pumping Machine

15. Boiler Engine

16. Turbine Engine

17. Spray Nozzles

18. Fuel and Lubricant Systems



We can fabricate and modify filters both in spect material and in required
dimensions, in addition we can also repair or recondition filters and produce
final filter products in accordance with the time of new purchase. The filters
that we produce can be used in all types of brands of Filters and Machines so
that you can make savings in terms of purchasing spare parts Filters.

The filter media that our company uses are the best filter media because the
filter media that we use are imported from abroad and the production process is
carried out in Indonesia, so that the machines used will remain optimal for a
long time and the filters we produce are designed to can operate in a harsh
industrial environment with maximum performance results so that your company
can operate machines with maximum safety and yield.


OEM Water Filters are widely used in various industrial applications. We
can also repair / repaire filters and make new compressor filters or heavy
equipment filters and compressors as needed. Our company sells Air Filter, Air
Filter Element, Screw Air Filter, Screw Compressor Air Filter Element, Air
Intake, Air Filter Intake, Air Filter Intake Element Compressor Part, Air
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Vacuum Pump Intake Air Filters In Housing 2 ", Vacuum Filter Cartridge ,
Air Filter Element For Hopper Loader Dryer, Cartridge Filter, Cartridge Filter
Dust Collector, Vacuum Cartridge Filter, Fiberglass Dust Collector Pleated
Cartridge Filter For Air Filter, Polyester Spundbond Dust Filter Stainless
Steel Inner Core Cartridge, Polyester Spundbond Vacuum Filter Cartridge Dust
Filter Cartridge, Cartridge Spundbond Filter Open Closed With Plange, Polyester
Non Wooven Dust Filter Cartridge With Cable Ground, Spundbond Non Wooven Dust
Filter Cartridge, Oil Separator Compressor, Water Filter, Water Separator,
Coalescing Filter Separator, Recondition Screw Air Oil Separator Filter, Air
Filter Separator, Element Air / Fluid Separator, Compressed Air Oil Separator,
Oil Separator Compressor, Recondition Separator Filter, Oil Separator Filter,
Compressor Separator Filter, Oil Separator Filter, Filter Separator, Air
Compressed Water Separator Filter, Water-Fuel Filter Separator, Fuel Filter
Separator Cartridge, Gas Filter, Gas Filter Separator, Water And Oil Separator
Filter, Coalescer Filter Element, Inline Filter Element Compressor, Air Dryer
Filter Compressor, Compressed Air Filter & Process Filtration Compressor,
Air Dryers Filter Element, Air Dryer Filter Element Air Compressor, Air
Compressor Pre After Dryer Filter Element, Elements For Compressed Air Filters,
Air Dryer Line Filters & Gas Filter Element , High Pressure Filter Element,
Precision Pre Filter After Filter For Air Dryer Air Compressor Element,
Replacement Air Dryer After Filter For All Compressors, Air Flow Low Flow
Compressed Air Drying System, Synthetic Fiber Catridge Filter Air Dryer Pre And
After Filter, Refrigerated Air Dryer Pre And After Filter Element Compressor,
Adsorption Air Dryer Element, Compressor Line Filter Dryer Filter Element For
Air Compressor, KIT Filter Element Compressor In Line Air Dryer, Air Dryer
Filter Element FIT Compressor, Return Line And Suction Boost Filter, Air
Exhaust Mufflers Silincer Xy20 / 30/40/80, Replace All Brands For Air Dryer
Fine Filter Element Compressor, Filter Cartridge Air Filter Filter, Compressed
Air Dryer Oil Filter Element Kit, Air Dryer In Line Compressed Air Filter Element,
Water Filter Element, Oil Filter Element, Suction House Oil, Stainless Steel
Hydraulic Suction Filter, For Air Filter, Hydraulic Return Filter Element, Fuel
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Filter Assembly, Suction Hose Oil Filter Strainer, Suction Filter Strainer, S
uction Hydraulic Filter, Hydraulic Suction Filter Specification, High Pressure
Filter Strainer, Basket Filter, Filter Assembly, Coolant Filter, Stainless
Steel Basket Strainer, Wooven Oil Filter, Suction Filter, Oil Suction Filter,
Suction Filter for Water Pump, Suction Filter for Oil Pump , Inlet Suction
Filter, Nylon / Stainless Steel Suction Filter, Medical Suction Filter, Water
Suction Filter, In Line Suction Filter, 40 Mesh Filter Mesh Strainer For Use
With Fuel Filters, Replacement Cartridge Filter Element Hydraulic Strainer,
Suction Strainer With By Pass Filter Element 60 Mesh 38 CPM 10 GPM, Female
Suction Strainer Without By Pass 15 LPM 4 GPM 1.81 ", In Line Faucet
Filter Strainer Cone Wire Mesh Strainer Basket Filter Strainer Elements,
Hydraulic FilterEther Filter Media Fiberglass micron rating media 10, Hydraulic
Filter Element Filter Media Stainless Steel Micron rating 60, Activated Carbon
Filter Hydraulic Element For Oil Filter, Filter Element Hydraulic Filter Paper
Filter Micron rating 1 0, Screen Filter Perforated Stainless Steel 304, Oil
Filter Element Hydraulic Cartridge Strainer, Replacement For All Brands Of
Hydraulic Filter Elements, Oil Hydraulic Filter Element, Fiberglass Suction Oil
Filter Elements, Suction Filter Element, Hydraulic Fluid Oil Filter Element,
Basket Filter Element Manufacturer, Basket Filter Strainer Element, Simplex and
Duplex Basket Filter Element Strainer, Fuel Filter Compressor Element, Star
Pleated Hydraulic Oil Filter Element, Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge Filter
Element, Hydraulic and Oil Filter Element Cartridge, In Line stainless Fuel
Filter Element,

Steel, 10 micron 15 GPM 150 psi Filter Element, Gas Oil Filter Element,
Replacement Full Filter Elements, Hydraulic Oil Filter Element, Replacement For
All Brands Hydraulic Filter Element, Fuel Filter Element Cartridge, Fluid
Filter Element Strainer, Standard Hydraulic Fluid Filter Element Strainer ,
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Filter / Hydraulic Return, Cross Element Filter / Hydraulic Fluid Filter
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Element 10 Micron Duplex Lube Oil Filter, Filter Element Fluid, Hydraulic In Li
ne Fluid Filter Element, In-Line Fluid Filter Micron Rating and recommendation,
Costomized 304 316L Stainless Steel For All Brands, Hydraulic Fluid Filter
Element, Simplex Fluid Filter Synthetic Cartridge Element, High Quality Oil
Filter Element For Transformer Fluid Purifier, Fluid Flow Enginers Process
Industry Metallic Filter Element, Fluid Oil Filter Breathers Element, Fluid Filter
Assembly, Filter Bags, Filter Cloth, Filter Press, Dust Collector, Bearing
Filter, Carbon Active Filter, Medium Filter, Hepa Filter, Pre Filter, After
Filter, Primary Air Filter, Primary Air Filter Element, Washable Primary Panel
Filter Pre Filter, Pocket Filter, PreFilter: Element Bag, Filter: Element Bag
Pre Filter, Primary and Secondary Filter, Primary Washable Filter, Primary Oil
Filter, Primary Fuel Filter, Stainless Steel Panel Plate Pre Filter , Aluminum
Pre Filter, Pleated Primary Costomized Stainless Steel Planel Filter, Air /
Conditioning Filter, Pre Filter With Aluminum Frame, Pre Filter With S
Stainless Steel Plate, Micron Washable Primary Air Filter


We can produce filters using Stainless media with 201, 304, 316, 316L stainless
grades at affordable prices.


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